Throat Cancers

The term “throat cancer” is not very specific. It includes cancers in many different parts of the head and neck area. These areas include the nasopharynx located behind the nose, the oropharynx, which includes the tonsils and base of tongue, as well as the voice box and the inlet to the esophagus.

Navigating throat cancers

To learn more about a particular type of throat cancer, choose a category below.

Basics of Throat Cancer

An overview of the basics of throat cancer.

 Laryngopharyngeal Cancers

This section discusses hypopharyngeal cancer (lower throat), cervical esophageal cancer (top part of the esophagus) and laryngeal cancer (voice box) in greater detail.

 Nasopharyngeal Cancers

This article covers nasopharyngeal cancers (part of throat located behind the nose) in detail.

 Oropharyngeal Cancers

This section discusses soft palate cancer (roof of the mouth), tongue base cancer (back of tongue) and tonsil cancer in greater detail.