This section contains various resources to assist Head & Neck Cancer patients and their carers in various aspects of their diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation.

A resource that you may want to identify at the beginning of your cancer journey is a support group.  Member of support groups can often provide you with strategies for navigating your cancer journey or provide you with recommendations about hoe to communicate your needs and concerns to your health care professionals.  Support groups are often run by other Head & Neck Cancer patients.

Organisations that may be able to assist you in finding a support group and/or provide counselling service and a dedicated Head & Neck Cancer Support Group in each Australian state is the Cancer Council .

The pdf items contained in this section are for use by Head & Neck Cancer patients and their Carers to assist in monitoring their diet, asking questions of their surgical at the first appointment and questions to ask the oncologist at the first appointment about the radiation and/or chemotherapy or chemotherapy side effects..